Monday, June 18, 2012

Fantastic Day!

Well, I was a busy bee today and have the sunburn to prove it! After a bout with a really awful sinus infection last week, I started on some really exciting projects today. Can't wait for you all to see them when they are finished!

This beauty really wouldn't need much work, except for the fact that she is the wrong color and the stain isn't exactly what the owner is going for. So, today I sanded down the top to the natural wood and will be staining it gray. The rest of her will get transformed to a lovely green (Benjamin Moore's "Green with Envy")...hopefully tomorrow.

I just love this piece of furniture. I love the drawers and storage! And those handles!!! ugh! Wish it was mine! Can't wait to see it finished!

Next up, I tackled prep work on a pair of 5 panel doors that were recently extracted from an old farm house here in Louisville. These doors will be used to create a stately headboard (and perhaps a footboard too). But first they needed some TLC and a GOOD cleaning! 

Every day when I bring my daughter home from school, she asks me if I've painted her desk yet. You remember.... this one!?!?? 

Well, the guilt is getting to me (and it's finally at the top of my to-do list), and so today this baby got a nice rub down from my sander. Tomorrow, she'll be fat and sassy and CORAL in color. I was originally thinking chartreuse but decided to go another way. This desk has definitely been a color challenge for me (which is also why she still isn't painted). 

While I'm at all the painting and staining tomorrow, I figure I better paint myself a new stool to sit on while I paint and do my projects (today was TOUGH! I am exhausted!). So, this guy will probably get a new color tomorrow too. I'm thinking blue for him, but we'll see. I need a little color in my garage.

I also got the lawn mowed today and even got a little (okay, a lot... as in too much) sun! When I took a break for lunch mid-afternoon, I was flying high. I had been working hard all morning seeing things transform before my eyes, and for lunch I was enjoying the BEST can of diet coke I've ever had, eating a bologna sandwich while keeping up with the Kardashians. After a day like today, I am a happy camper and ready for my sleeping bag. 

Night all! 


  1. Amazing!! You are so industrious! Love all the fun projects. Can't wait to keep reading.

  2. Great projects!! Can't wait to see how they turn out!

  3. Love what you are doing! I N S P I R I N G !!

  4. excited to see what you come up with. I would love to come learn from you as well - I am in Louisville and am looking to do the same with some old furniture

    1. Heather - Sorry for the delay in responding. It would be great to get together and chat!! Shoot me an